Regine Velasquez

Regine Velasquez - I'll Never Say Goodbye

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Composed by: Willy Cruz

Produced and Arranged by Mark J. Feist for the MJF Company

Night after night we stay together

Sharing moments that spell forever

Day after day our love gets stronger

Growing every minute as we get closer

If we ever have to say goodbye

And go our own separate ways

i wouldn't know how to get by on my own

After all the love and passion you have shown

I'll never say goodbye

No matter how they try

To show me love

That last if we're prisoners

Caught in the past

Don't let your tears run dry

No need for you to cry

I promise I will stay

And with you all the way

Our friends will soon forget

That you and I once met

As long as deep inside

I know it's love not pride

And I will never say

Ever say goodbye

I'll never say goodbye

There are no reasons why

Our souls are so entwined

There is us, not you and I

And time will soon regret

Regretting we once met

Because we'll show them all

With love we can walk tall

And we will never say

Ever say goodbye

I'll never say goodbye

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