Refused - War On The Palaces lyrics

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Rock heavy, you still with me?

Rock heavy, hold!

All the nameless faces before us

Rants carried them all


Let's carry the damned, let's roll

War on the palaces

I wanna carry the damned, let's roll

On the palaces!

(Verse 2)

You carry _______(?) right through the ____(?)

What more's just found?

Can't see the grip from the structures

You're just one of them

Who doubts my freedom in progress?

With the corpse in your mouth

Neva had the taste of flagellants

Black chemists alike(?!)

How do you think we got here?

You took against the planet

Think we stumbled upon them

On the way to fight ourselves



Because you know, you'll be trouble too

What if you liked it, exactly what did you do?

Let's get me tortured without going too far

Tell me who's responsible, you fucking 'tard!

You fucking 'tard!

Let's carry the damned Let's carry the damned

Let's carry the damned War on the palaces!

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