Refused - Trickbag lyrics

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my bag of tricks is far from empty

don't bust my chops, don't try and tempt me

cause I will stick the truth in your face, there's only one race

the human race, propagandic ways and abuse, set to separate

bad confuse, for 500 years the barriers been there

and they're not moving anywhere

who the fuck are we to separate, and support their actions of hate.

Knowledge is the key to unlock the mind

The imperialistic system that invented prejudice and disbelief

they still benefits from it, they still do as they please

inject us with reasons, of contemplation an dissatisfaction

to assure that we remain sedated to their segregative actions

in our years of existence, has our modern society

gotten any closer to equality?

where people openly are being oppressed

Because of:Color, Religion, gender, class, sexual preference.

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