Refused - Destroy The Man lyrics

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Out of the darts I pull out next

Least crawled when they told me to change

Elate the sisters, I don't wink with them

Will the rich and cruel count us as them?

In every country, in name of fame

Kill the context up in stain

Destroy philosophy to feather war

Mask greatest thief with the slave of a soul

I remember seconds we linked what it seemed


Destroy the man! (Kill, kill)

Destroy the man! (Kill, kill)

Destroy the man! Destroy the man!

Death to death!

(Verse 2)

Conceive the structures, made up the rules

To append death we confine the tools

Watch the slabs, an old kinds

All the history are designed

The city's blind! History too!

The city's blind! The _____(?) new


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