Redman - Where Am I?

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Watch out, we run New Jerz

That's my word, this type of shit will leave your vision blurred

The super-cala-fragist, especially I'm the dopest

Give a grand to any nigga who get closest

I re-pre-sent extra swift, gotcha

Taking pictures like Anita in the Rapture

Feel my fatlity my reality is real

Let me cleanse you like Golden Seal, with my ghetto premiere

Known for blowing focus, hocus pocus you're open

Give me a Sattelite I'll have niggaz loc'in in Oakland

Fuck HBO my flows like H2O

I rip MC's by decimal ratios

Non believers, turn your ears to wide recievers

Then you will agree that I'm the best thing since beepers

My ETA is to blow the spot in two seconds

Have y'all niggaz ducking in your section without weapons


Huh, motherfuckers grab ya glocks (Just do it, ha ha, eh eh) [x4]


I shut off more lights then Teddy Pender-grass

I'm in the, my funk agenda, make mcs surrender

Feel the friction, when I have your block lit

Grab your shit, when you enter this station at the bricks

Look far beyond the clouds and the skies

I'm the reason why God has a thousand eyes

Spies be peepin, I know the West Coast be checkin

East coast, mid west, I be busting in all directions

Code red, this is funk's uncut, fuck the Feds

I quote Rahim the dread, life about just making bread

So I remain Kool like G. Rap, fuck where you be at

Make moves where you sleep at, the realness what MC's lack

So I kick subliminals for all hardcore criminals

Giving you, something funky to listen to

Dramatic, wiping your crew off with automatics

Ghetto tactics, backwards, I can knock the world off it's axis

And the buddah keeps my luger hot as Freddie Kruger

Who's the, next loser, to show their true colors

Brothers and sisters, I'm like Motion Pictures

Redman's the name, occupation? Smoking niggaz

I does it, I do it

I represent Newark to the fullest I could prove it



You know my style, steelo

Throw more bombs then Dan Marino

I jams like Groover Washington live at the BeJu

Flatline people I'm live, lyrics are evil

I got connections up on Pluto *schhh* I read you

The cock thriller, vagina killer

My nine miller, and my niggaz

Control dirty raps like Willer

Recognize, Dee pack two clips

Lex got two tecs in the Lex, here comes Jim Flicks

So who's the next contestant to flex

I translate like Fugees, whether live or Memorex

Def Squad crew always got some fly shit on deck

Cause it ain't where you from, it's about where you at


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