Red Venom

Red Venom - B-Boy Supreme lyrics

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B Boy breakdance B Boy breakdance

B Boy breakdance

B Boy breakdance B Boy breakdance

B Boy breakdance


It's the rhyme fiend running all the beats

Like a track between the rhyme trainer

Breaking down from the last remainder

From the hip hop game I got my name

And claim to fame on the club tip

The girles used to love it

When I jumped up on the stage

I jumped up and freestyled

My style's already free

Back in '83 I was local MC

But everybody's cussin' that's a long time ago

But fifteen years later pullin' out the lino

Boom box be Sony jam jam jermonie

Every damn crew wants to be the one and only

But 'er it's like a jungle sometimes

It makes me wonder

Did the Venom go under? Drink took me under

That's not a diss that's a dismiss

No MC vocalists

Come against this soloist

They're steppin' up but still they must be bluffin'

But still in nowadays

They still ain't sayin' nuthin'


Life back in the days we used to breakdance

And back in the days we used to rhyme non-stop

Back in the days we used to yes, yes, y'all

But nowadays we pump it up for you all

All you B Boys rockin' pump, pump me up

To everybody in the clubs pump, pump me up

To ev'rybody on the trains pump, pump me up

To ev'rybody in the jeeps pump, pump me up

To all the old skool crews pump, pump me up

To all the breakdancers pump, pump me up

To ev'rybody getting down pump, pump me up


Now break it down


By the strength within me

I composed a symphony

And pyramids erupted

When this self-destructed

On the plains

Running through a street hall of fame

By the end of this concerto

All know my street name

My orchestra was kids on the block

Who used to beat box

And every rhyme that I dropped

The crowd rocked

Touring foriegn lands down with other bands

Soon had my own fans

Cos I'm known for rippin' mike stands

I stepped on stages at the age of fifteen

A record like Naseem

But I mean upon the rap scene

Styles unseen lyrics I dream I never blaspheme

I'd rather say "I am" than "I could've been"

Now let me show you all

How the pressure works

Cos all those other DJs are a bunch of jerks

Stepping on stage scratchin' for the venom

But still nowadays still ain't saying nuthin'



I was poppin' with breakers in subways I dwell

My Adidas was fat laces on

Gazelle Reebok classics

I go back like Jurassic

Tachini original graffiti

Back in the days

They used to rhyme about the needy

But nowadays they're talkin' about guns and techs

But any rapper can rhyme

But who's first to kick text


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