Red Baron

Red Baron - Chief Of Sinners

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<b>Chief Of Sinners</b> by <i>Red Baron</i><br />Take my life,

Take my life!

I can't do this alone.

Every time I try, I fail,

Giving into what I don't condone.

My life is yours. help me prevail.

Always giving in, to my ignorance,

I know it's time to make a change,

But I can't do this alone,

Every time I try, I fail.

Why I've walked away again.

I do not understand.

What about this commitment do I not comprehend?

You gave me your hand

And you gave you heart.

I push one away and tear the other apart.

Well was I made for this,

Am I too weak for this?

I need your strength to carry on.

Do I believe in this or am I a hypocrite?

I need your strength to carry on.

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