REBA MCENTIRE - Nickel Dreams

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(Mac McNally, Donny Lowery)

A little girl's dream world with ribbons and long curls

Reflections of yesterday's past

Now headlines and foot lights

The hours of long nights keep everything

Moving so fast

It's taken a long time

And she's walked a thin line

The fame and fortune arrived

She kept on striving

Way of surviving

Till part of those dreams came alive


And she wishes she looks like

They tell her she looks like all the time

What she'd give just to feel like

She tells them she's feeling

Just fine

All that money she makes every night

Ain't as much as it seems

A dollar a wrinkle and less then a nickel a dream

Her heart may be breaking

But she keeps on taking

What she thought she wanted way back when

It's too late to change her

There's always a stranger

To tell her she's someone again

Repeat Chorus

Nickel a dream

Nickel dreams

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