Realm - Suiciety

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Do or die, the time has come to destroy the system

Soon we`ll be free

Set time for detonation, the bomb lay at my feet

Smoke my last cigarette, mission now complete

All were born into the system, every need provided for

Programmed into conformity, deviants destroyed

Built to help us, in time it took control

I must fight to save our minds

Master of forgotten knowledge

Breeding ignorance at our expense

Why are we so blind ?

One by one it slaughters us

We must not be blind

Stand and fight, destroy the system

The time has come, we have no choise

Must kill the system, to set ourselves free

Detonation time is set, a bomb lay at my feet

A fair trade for freedom, death or defeat

Some are immune to the mind control

But how can they pretend ?

Deviants can be detected

Curiosity condemned by death

I can see through the guise

My mind is my own

I can break the hold

Time is short, the system knows



I`m not afraid to kill myself

I took the bomb I made and ran

To the heart of the system

Level 10, sector 3

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