Realm - Cain Rose Up (Scream Bloody Murder)

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Cain rose up

Climbing into my head ... Scream

Scream bloody murder

Cain in us all

Forcing some evil deed ... Scream

Scream bloody murder

Halls echoing footsteps

Lost before the grave

Killing time is near

You know that ...

Cain rose up

Shadows in every room ... Scream

Scream bloody murder

Cain in us all

Alive inside of you ... Scream

Scream bloody murder

Can you feel him, rising up ?

Are you willing to harden your heart ?

Don't harden your heart, no, no !

You start to anger when cain rose up and up and up

Can`t you feel it ?

Look up to the window

Explain my desire

I unload, open fire

It`s not the thrill of the game

It`s not the pleasure of pain

It`s what you feel from cain

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