Reaction 7

Reaction 7 - Nightmare No.2

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I’m too spun round can’t find my way

It’s hard to breathe so the spiders say

Who is that there in the corner crouched

I look and she pulls herself inside out

Spinning and dancing and screaming so loud

I’m iridescent in front of the crowd

But they’re all laughing can’t figure it out

It’s spinning and spinning and turning about

Ask me where have I been

Don’t know can’t find a friend

Can’t seem to find that door

Get out while its before

The sun is now gleaming right off of the dew

I’m one of the followers there’s only a few

We come to a jetty its right by the sea

Now all of them turn and they’re staring at me

I’m catching a chill as my eyes start to bleed

I think that they’re helping and feeling my need

I watch as a butterfly falls to the ground

That’s spinning and spinning and turning around


Would you like to join in my nightmare

Have a little pain in my nightmare

Watch the airplane crash in my nightmare

Meet some nasty friends in my nightmare

Watch the bullets fly in my nightmare

Have a fatal fall in my nightmare

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