Reaction 7

Reaction 7 - Hate Crime

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<b>Hate Crime</b> by <i>Reaction 7</i><br />e never had the chances you did

We had no options they were all hid

You had our home and your fancy meal

We only had our rotten deal

We wish we had a dollar for every time that you complain

We'd like to feel your sorrow but you cannot feel our pain

Choices yea and choices nay you've got those things to make

We would like to give to you but all you do is take

Grab yourself and go away

Grab yourself and do not stay

If you care about us

That's a lie so what's the fuss

We've had enough of stupid games we do not want to play

Take your toys take a€?em all and go about your way

Don't come back just don't come back and ask if it's too late

You want our love to give to you but all we have is hate

Take your money go away

We don't want it anyway

Trusted father you are not

Hope you end up somewhere hot

We hate you (repeated 8 times)

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