Rayven Justice

Rayven Justice - Hit Or Nah (Remix) lyrics

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Ft. Keyshia Cole & French Montana


Can I fuck or nah? I want to get wit ya

I want to get them draws, I want to show ya something

Come wit me, girl don't be scared

I want to show ya sumthin' right over here

Can I fuck or nah?

(Verse: Rayven Justice)

Girl don't be shy, I want to see what ya about

I'm staring at yo thighs, ya about to go down

Come dance wit me, come grind on me

Shake that ass for a G, I'm just sayin'

Stop playin' wit a young nigga, let me show ya what ya missing

Ya have neva had nothing different, fucking with the nigga, nigga


Baby, you're sumething else, I'm just saying

I just thought I would stay while you're playing


(Verse 2: Keyshia Cole)

Why ya ova here doin' too much baby, anyway?

Same place at the same time, so don't try me with the ____(?)

I know you heard about how I keep it 100

Keep playin' around, you're gonna miss out all the sumthin'

Oh la la la (cuz after you hit it or nah, you betta relax)

(Baby get) Oh la la la la la la (laaaa-la lala la... la... la...)



(Verse 3: French Montana)

Shawty got me open

Take her to the crib I'm a raider like Oakland

San Fran call me Joe Montana

Raid, should have played pro in Atlanta

Flow on steroids, A-Rod

I'mma hit and run like State Farm

Say she 'bout whateva, so what we doing?

She woke up in the kitchen like Marta Stewart

She wanna pop it like my ole' single

Start throwing up sum' mo' singles

I’mma regulate, Nate Dogg

Black diamonds like Akon


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