Rayven Justice

Rayven Justice - Goonin lyrics

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Young California



Goin' in with my niggas

I don't give a fuck right now

Knockin' niggas bitches

We don't give a fuck right now (x5)


Ridin' round in a stoley

Stompin' my uncle E-40

Why these niggas so phony?

If you got a problem, nigga show me

My niggas be gone, you niggas hang on

Yo lane got no money, can't put out 100

Damn, nigga, that's a shame, nigga

Gimme a check, I can train niggas

You will neva see me with some lame niggas

I ain't neva change to the same nigga


(Verse 2)

Diva, look, I don't give an f-

You got shit that'll stretch you

Just knock the nigga's bitch, aw shit

Banana on his K in case a muthafucka slip

Put this flame to his brain, get him blew like a crip

I'm just ridin' with my goons, gettin' higher than the moon

I'm a muthafuckin' boss, nigga, tycoon

I got niggas that'll ride fo' me, die fo' me

If the rollies pull me ova, got a pistol live fo' me

Nigga, oh, fucked yo bitch so good, she don't want me hittin' that

Knocked a nigga bitch and he can't get her back

She a mixed bitch, she just look white

A pretty bitch with no money, that don't look right


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