Ray Charles

Ray Charles - You Be My Baby

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You be my baby,

Don't give me no maybe,

I never, never make you cry,

You be my honey,

Give you all my money,

I will 'till the day I die,

Because I (never, never, never felt such a thrill),

And I(never, never, never felt this way upto),

Woah(kiss me, kiss me, kiss me can get my bill).

You've set my world,

Come closer girl,

You be my lover,

There's no one above ya,

I want everyone to know,

You look so tasty,

Like quick - cream pastry,

Never, never let you go,

Because I (always, always, always want you by my side),

Uh(always, always, always to keep you by my side),

You know(wanna, wanna, wanna make you be my bride),

Once you name the date,

Marry right away.


You know you please me,

Don't ever leave me,

I always want you near,

You know I need ya,

Come let me lead ya,

And make all your troubles disappear,

Because I (love you, love you, love you everyday),

Ah(pet you, pet you, pet you in my own),

You won't(ever, ever, ever need to go astray),

You understand,

Am I your man.

Yeh baby you know it's alright,

Come on baby and love me tonight,

Woah, baby I wanna talk to you,

I need you baby to see me through.

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