Ravens Throne

Ravens Throne - Ravenous

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<div class="showResultLinks">A blindness through total darkness, rotten coffin embracing dust<br />

Infinity of death insanity, brutality to rip the guts<br />

Desirefull thought as hunger for flesh and bones goes more<br />

Hanging corps on rusty hook to taste the smell to hear the worms<br />

Raped carcass laying naked discharging burning lust<br />

Embryonic body was fed it's own heart<br />

<br />

Ravenous ravens swallowing vomit, crunching skulls of dying men<br />

A dissected liver was bitten row monstrously, when the brain was taken fresh<br />

And fed to the most aggressive reptile.<br />

<br />

The thirst for blood theory<br />

The thirst for blood theory, explosion of vein volcane</

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