Raven - Thunder Down Under lyrics

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Yeah, yeah,


I heard this voice on the radio

He said : The town is lights

I saw his face on a video, I broke _____(?) alright

Stronger it’s here on the stage

The ring was back in town

Anabolic do no not _____(?)

You have to give a sound


Just a force a nature like a hurricane

You won’t know his came

He was the thunder down under

I rock and know what I throw

He was the thunder down under

Spark line find whenever rhythm blows

He was the thunder down under

The one and only that can roll this, yeah


With a week and a story, he always pull you in

But tellin’ you about a rose

He must see it on sand

He didn’t want to be a millionaire

He only have one goal

But it’s a long way til the top

If you wanna rock and roll




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