Raven - Feeding The Monster lyrics

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Strike and near I want,

We got the ball want

Do not hook and got deep in silence

You got the attitude

We got the attitude

Givin’ your our metal wonderful


Crank it higher, your desire

Touch in fall war, makin’ the wild top

Pushin’ it over again

Feedin’ the monster, the night will concur

Givin’ and it’s comin’ back to you

Feedin’ the monster, makin’ it stronger

Believe and you know you’ll make it true


Right now you’re feelin’

It’s one way to take over, close the door

We’ve been a long way

Why we always thinkin’?

It’s over the attemptin’ on the toel



Undeniable, indescribable

Unpredictable, unforgettable

Intendicibly, electricity



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