RASHEED - Snitches

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(feat. South Park Mexican)

[Chorus x2: Rasheed]

Youse a snitch, a stone cold bitch

Given up ya homies ya went to school with

There's too many rats, and not enough cheese

With friends like that we don't need enemies

[Verse 1: Rasheed]

Youse a snitch

A motherfuckin' rat

Barkin' at ya dog so that makes you a cat

PUSSY informant

Turned dormant

Cause ya got caught in hard rain pourin'

Feds buggin' my bed now instead of me sleepin'

I'm hearin' quiet beepin'

Watchin' little lights bleepin'

Stakeout while they eat Chinese takeout

Makin' out my house

Cause I'm quiet as a mouse

I make em sit there ‘till they shit in they pants

Patiently waitin' for the chance to advance

You hot on the streets

You gotta mad mob that wanna greet ya

Alotta nine millimeters that a love to meet ya

To each his own

But homey you done crossed the line

So now the soldiers wanna put some holes in ya mind

Stroll down the line hall in the county jail

Lyin' tellin' everybody you made bell

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: South Park Mexican]

This is the evil that men do

Befriend you

Snitchin' in the free world

Snitchin' in the pen too

You said you would be loyal to the end fool

But now you in the hole

And I aint got a hand to lend you

It hurts my heart

To see you get ripped apart

In South Park

We keep shit in the dark

But you spread light to alotta dopehouses

Told em ounces is why my Cadillac bounces

That arouses killas in my outfit

Luckily I took the jeys out my dad's couches

I lick my lips when they say ya name

I can taste the bitch that aint Mary Jane

That same nigga that you said you bossed around

Be the same niggas that gone out you in the lost and found

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Rasheed]

You 52K locked in protected custody

Federal facility doin' ya time in luxury

If it was up to me

I put a slump in ya company

In state penitentiary ya catch a humpin' G

Word in the barrio

Ya partna got doe

Friens of yours

"Oh ya that nigga gots to go!"

How did the pig now the kilo was in the door?

When did he see me and what the hell he stop me for?

It's evident ya turnin' evidence for your liberty

Only cause you couldn't finish your delivery

Sickin' to see the face of a false G

Visit ya lady while ya squabble in the county

Apparently the mob got the clearance

Without no interference

To cause your dissapperance

I bet you thought Uncle Sam really gave a fuck

Now you stuck

Wrapped up like a chuck

[Chorus: x2]

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