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(feat. Baby Beesh, South Park Mexican)


I wake up early to the sticky green on the indonesia

Give back to the day, the puff, the pint, all at my leisure

Pleasure and pain, give and take it's all the same

So many rotten forgotten up in this dirty game

I flip a solo to scope to your open pupils

Stated neutral, weeded up from the indo strupals

They bust they pistols at my click but they miss

So being that this is ghetto treason, g's up in this hatin season

Through all this anonmosity I keep it playalistic

Lay your balistic, how to make it and I get it twisted

You repo what you sold, but if you keep it low pro

No pis-tol, you bound to gain the heat bro

Apropriate buisness, associates is a must

Just don't get stuck in the dust, and never have no trust

Lust them, never love a hoe, leave em when they pay

Looks can be decieving, please believe everything I say

[Chorus x2]

Gotta get your game and paper right

The Mac God yo

Stay on your toes all day and night

And then he said

And never ever love a hoe

The Mac God yo

Watch for the state and the federal

And then he said

[Baby Beesh]

Well I woke up with tears in my eyes

I knew I was finna be player baptised

He led me to the path blessing me with holy water

Then he introduced me to his fluffy green daughter

Her name was Mary Jane, very same girl I met when I was ten

But I never let her in cuz I wasn't ready then

But now your boy's a player prophet

Mac God you been so gracious

You tightened up my laces then you dealt me those four aces

[South Park Mexican]

It was all crystal clear like vodka

I knew she was my girl since then first day I robbed her

Eighty seven elbows, sell those, share holds like Melrose

Cell phones be ringing in my stingin, who the hell knows

Bring those pop, shoo-be-do-wop like hot lead

Cuz I'm a pothead, I'll quit when I drop dead

Pop said I ran him out the crib when I was three

I been a g since the third day that me eyes began to see

[Chorus x2]


Livin life in the world of a pirahna

Goin through drama with baby mama

Keepin a player persona, listenin to them old timers

Criminal grimer, cervesa ain't as good as bomber

Hey no need to rush young g, go ahead and take a comma

You gots to whirl up in your hands with some marijuana

Don't worry bout mama, just keep your focus on your dollars

Don't be so quick to judge what we do

Cuz everyday them haters are just waitin to hit you

And I wont even mention you gots the killers on a regular basis

Smiling faces, at the same time ploting on giving you cases

You wanna roll through there all with your lady

But regardless you still gotta raise the babies

And I'ma be the first one to tell you not to love these hoes

But love your mama, and the though Lord knows

And actually women be hounding me from state to state

Guess thats part of the being platinum player paid

[Chorus x2]

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