Ramblin' Jack Elliot

Ramblin' Jack Elliot - Railroad Bill

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Railroad Bill, Railroad Bill

He never worked, and he never will,

And it's ride, ride, ride.

Railroad Bill's a mighty mean man

Shot the light out of the poor brakeman's hand

Railroad Bill, up on a hill

Lightin' a seegar with a ten-dollar bill.

Railroad Bill took my wife,

If I didn't like it, gonna take my life.

Goin' on a mountain, goin' out west

Thirty-eight special stickin' out of my vest.

Buy me a pistol just as long as my arm

Shoot everybody ever done me harm.

Got a thirty-special in a forty-five frame,

I can't miss 'cause I got dead aim.

Railroad Bill, he ain't so bad

Whupped his mama, shot his old dad.

Early one morning, standing in the rain

Round the bend come a long freight train.

Railroad Bill a-comin' home soon

Killed McMillan by the light of the moon

McMillan had a special train

When they got there they was prayin'

Kill me a chicken, send me the wing

They think I'm workin', Lord, I ain't doin' a thing.

Kill me a chicken, send me the head,

Think I'm workin', Lord, I'm layin' in bed.

Gonna drink my whiskey, drink it in the wind

The doctor said it'd kill me but he didn't say when.<br />

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