Rakim - The 18th Letter (Always and Forever)

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What, uhh, yo

Just when things seemed the same, and the whole scene is lame

I come and reign with the unexplained for the brains till things change

They strain to slang sling, I'm trained to bring game

History that I arranged been regained by King James

Go to practice, with tactics, when the track hits, theatrics

Women that look like actress the status of Cleopatra's

Stacks of mathematics took the ?ego-a-geatics?

As I find out, what the facts is, for geographic

No time to sip Mo's with hostess, never mind what the total gross is

I rip shows, stay focused, and split cheese, with soldiers

While you hit trees and coast I spit flows that be ferocious

And with these explosives, I split seas for Moses

Shine permanently only my mind's concernin me

Fire burns in me eternally time's eternity

Followers turn on me they'll be in a mental infirmary

Determinely advance technology better than Germany

Since the first days you know of, till the last days is over

I was always the flow-er, I made waves for Noah

From a compound, to the anatomy, to the breakdown of a atom

Some of my rap patterns, still surround Saturn

From the ancient Hieroglyphics, to graffiti painted pictures

I study I know the scriptures but nowaday ain't it vicious

Date back I go beyond check the holy Qu'ran

To speeches at the altar on, now we get our party on

So being benificent, I bless em with dialogue

They expectin, the next testament by the God

I blow em through battlezones with chrome for chaperone

Blast beats with saxophones one of the baddest rapper's known

Every country city and borough, sidestreet and ghetto

isle and alley and meadow theories ferile enough to echo

When it was one mass of land, with one nash' of man

And the whole mass was ran under one master plan

Since the world's metamorphis, and the plan is kept in orbit

Turntables we spin off but the needles never skip off it

Rhythms we expressin similar to our ancestors

It'll answer your questions if you understand the message

From the days of the slave choppers?, to the new age of prophets

As heavy as hip-hop is I'm always ready to drop it

from the mind which is one of Allah's best designs

And mines'll stand the test of time, when I rhyme

The 18th Letter, the prophesy professor

I stay clever, long as the planet stay together

Bring up praise from Mecca, make a phrase for the better

In new days to remember, always and forever

(repeat 2X)

The R baby

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