Rakim - Psychic Love

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Uhh! [female harmonizing: "daaaaa, da-da, da-da-da, daaaaaa" in the background]

Yeah! [16 seconds instrumental]


Like the way (uhh!) it's goin' down, ma. (yeah!)

Uhh! (yeah!)

[Verse 1:]

She got the - type of love that entice a thug (uh-huh!)

A tender mami! (uh!) - But sometimes she like it rough.

See shorty way of thinkin' is we might split up (uh!)

So when she think it's gettin' cool, (uh!) then she spice it up. (yeah!)

She give me fever. - Give her chill bumps when I caress her

All night she never let's up. (uh!) - Love it when she gets up. (uh-huh!)

Mornin' turn to night again. (uh!) - Multiple - pleasure. (uh-huh!)

She love playin' new games and love playin' dress up.

Role playin' rendezvous in secluded spots (uhh!)

Sex in the city with views from the rooftop. (uh-huh!)

Find a cool spot stop. (stop!) - Christenin the new drop (just chill right here!)

Ice can't keep your temperature down; you too hot! (uhh!)

We do the craziest thangs and lay in the Range

Sex drive's out of control she can't stay in her lane. (lane!)

She said it turn her on (uh!) when I'm sayin her name (uh-huh!)

So don't stop ma, I'm playin' your game. - Should I tell her...


I like it love! (uh!) - You know just what I want. (uh-huh!)

You know just what to flaunt you got the psychic love. (I love this, ma'!)

Type of love make a thug wanna wife it up, (uh-huh!)

When papi play it cool she seek to spice it up! [x2]

[Verse 2:]

We havin' fun now; feelin' and diggin' Hon's style (uhh!)

She creative. - Let her imaginations run wild! (uh-huh!)

Put me on. (on!) - Make sure I come back for more

She like: "Damn, boo! (uh-huh!) I never done that before! " (uh-huh!)

She wearin outfits and lingerie and appear sweeter (uh!)

The stewardess suit. - The NBA cheerleader. (uhh!)

Personal secretary, (uh-huh!) night workin' type skirts (uh!)

The live-in maid or my favorite, the night nurse. (I like that!)

She take me out to public spots and get smoochy (uh-huh!)

Sex in the restaurant; that sound gooshy! (uhh!)

Sneak me in the cinema, she said she wanna do me (let's go!)

As they play the Saturday (uh!) matinee movie. (uh-huh!)

The broad play right. - Quiet spot in the park! (sssssshhhhh!)

Broad daylight! - Sex is what she call play fight.

And I'll be ready (uh!) - whenever she put it on me again! (uh-huh!)

The object is she want me to win. (uh-huh!) - Should I tell her... (uhh!)




Ayo Nick Wiz just...

Just let it ride out!


Just let it go from there, man.

While my mami sit back...

Let your hair down!

Let's go!



Yeah! [beat fades out]

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