Raekwon - Worst Enemy lyrics

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Ft. Liz Rodrigues


I'm more rocked up by the _______(?)

Bought that kush, ________(?)

I'm my own worst enemy, me

My never ending bother

I'm always tryna beat

Beat my worries down to me



Ayo, a betta platform for all to listen to me

We out in DC deep and got no sleep

The ride bumpy, we jetted out the country to buy deep

Came back large paw, ain't nuttin' sweet

My dome is yellin' go home, but I ain't through

So many years in my career's a long route

Thinkin' when Cabs skinned his face on a plaster

We was dusted back then, I smoke the last of it

Jump into the Acura, sleepin' in sibyls, what it do, yeah

Stu Vee chicken, where my bu?

Had a quarrel with a hood rock star, I broke his arm off

Cuz he was pointin' his fingers at Yvonne's daughter

What's next? Drags want a piece of my spot

This my crib, I pay here to live, fuckin' patna


(Verse 2)

(It's how I feel, man, fo' real, word)

Ridin' with the gun copped sweatin'

Musty tea on, black Timb bees, ten degrees

GG bomber, couple capes, some had Shawmbs

I'm strictly Eagles, sways on, next Friday yo faze on

I got the killer nigga's head

He'd prolly do mine when nobody's there

Cuz the only way to score, leave no witness

A thug on my shitless, pay em with slugs back

The slickness, remember that I built two graves

I wasn't stupid, I was ruthless

Check the bazooka crew, their vocals broke the glass

Slamming my rings down, deads, doofus

Don't mess up, you got the longest clip uses

Yo, you see 'em in the lobby? They right there!

Headshots only, kill 'em, they right there!


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