Raekwon - Whores

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Snatch the bitch wig off, give up that pussy, ho, get off

We taking that, Benjamin Franklin pussy, blinking that

C.C.B., Barbara Streisand, Cali sisters in the right hand

Rip the shirt off, had a nice pair

Twelve o'clock, afternoon boom, fucking from room to room

Enough to zoom, ten minute a wound, I comfort this

Stark confronting her, hello, miss-miss, come out the Tyra bra, miss

Marvelous, awesome bitch, out as a rich

Fly groupie bitch, crazy cum color, Penela' swiss piss

Dirty burst on her, wipe his dick on her lips

Slow the fuck down Rich, half his wrist up in the uterus

She spoke, "I'm tellin' Louis Rich", Max, shoot the bitch

Rollie was rooting this, Goldie hardly spoke, shit was ludicrous

She bit his dick, God wilded on her with a kick

Bobby stressed out, just like life is like a lighter

Lit a gal' on her, boo, stop wilding, for real, lighten up

For Noodles caught a lapdance, pussy clap-clap just like a tapdance

Let her fuck you on your head, go to bed

Delrio the Leo, hot pelepeno, lace a Gambino nigga, right

Wash knobs for free, though, only me though

Hah, polishing wax floors, she's a real whore

Keep it raw, you break law? My cousin Blake break jaws

We all raw, broke bitch, try to come aboard

Snort on the right, ho, now right as a core

I'm only fucking ya'll, cause ya'll on, keeping my legs strong

You dead wrong, talking that shit, giving me head wrong

Sextress, dress ya ass off, bullshit necklace

Here, rock this robe, if you lose it, death wish

More head, we all getting feds, forget

Down the lamb spread, buying the right bread, Nike head

Dike head, married a white dread

Drive a snow white five, died in the air, swallowing white shit

Whores, they never listen, what? The girl's a whore

Come on...

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