Raekwon - What's Goin' On

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[Raekwon:] Days that fly through the mist, so young and so rich Powerful minds, the lines get intense Wall to wall, cats in hell, so many trapped lost Some will prevail and get clapped off in jail Families mentally dyin', the roads is narrow Jump out, bow and arrow, hit you with science Huh, we've been livin' this daily The wiz know what it is, that's why the vision is more clearly War between money and lust, trust me, I hit enough dust Suade fronts, color schemes, truck rings, stuck kings Suade fronts, Balley's and blunts Living amongst thieves, all we did was robbin', we won, Marvin [Outro: Marvin Gaye sample (Raekwon)] Hey baby, what you no good? (That's right lord) And trusted and back with, it's me I want (Niggas gotta cut this faggot millennium shit out right now) War is hell (War is hell, and get real with life) And will it be (start teachin' ya'll brothers, man) When will people start gettin' together again

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