Raekwon - Wall To Wall lyrics

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Ft. French Montana & Busta Rhymes


My nigga Raekwon told me 'everyday you work you don't need'

'And don't believe everything you read'

'You only have what you see'


I don't need it, don't believe everything you read

Only have what you see, man, the shit is what it is

It's hell out (oh, dawg), tryna bail out (oh, dawg)

Yo bitch turned up, as one of my niggas feel her

We wall to wall, we wall to wall

Our money stacked up, wall to wall

My show's packed up, wall to wall

My ass stepped up, got my money up


Head view, dark tents, hustle by the park bench

Light top, blue tops, niggas I don't call friends

Till they ______(?) call my niggas, grab the hammers, bout to go to war

Prices on yo head, I'mma spin everything in that show room

Nigga, I was in it, on my son, I was in it

I was in it, dirty money, tin chains, I be shinnin' every minute

Shinnin' every minute! Soft to the hard rock

Hard Rock Casino, me and shawty watchin' Nino in the hard top

I done counted ten mills when that ball drop

Me and Chinx poppin' bottles out in Farlong


(Verse 2: Raekwon)

Frozen fish scale, you betta go to -ish mail

Tie the skin hammer, Satan by the men's grill

Knots and 100s is lunch, kid

Play fairs, say yeah, feed yo brother

These a one sheep

Enough money to slump kids, lings with pillows

Leave your body out under the dumpsters

Take money, suitcases, bracelets, cake mix

Come out the hole, this is way it flicks

So much bread, we build lead houses

Runnin' this check, see dead thousands

Faces, we call 'em big noses

Flashin' in the farmin' shit, grubbed up

Niggas is wasted, what?!


(Verse 3: Busta Rhymes)

Whip my feet up gettin' manicures

And a zeppelin's spectacular vision

Niggas be cannin' foamin' up my movement

Everything we do, this shit will take presidents

While amigo stacking residuals

Niggas stompin', and know just how we do it

Absolutely be slayin' the money errnight (Dracula)

Niggas stay up in just like Jamaicans stay in the maximum

Different ultra predict I'm calculated like alumna

The money trace back to them diamonds minds in Africa

We in the future with it tho

Closing my eyes for pictures, phone a hammy

Speak with holograms, when I'm buildin' with bitches

And in the ______(?) I'm like body slammin'

I'm one hand on the lichens

And I'mma sell 'em war heads and I'm a baggage handlin' missiles

(Fuck it!) Decided to blow an M, just bein' silly

With a boppin' a step in the charisma like I sit on the pillie

And for the five percent with the signs and for the ones that really get me

Had a lot to do, out saving lives, an accountant, I'm busy!


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