Raekwon - Wake Up

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(One) gun go off, showin' everything is lost

(Two) hold between me and you, these the rules, c'mon

(Three) yo, we gotta stand together to take cream'n

(Four) without me and you the crew just could never be

[Verse 1:]

Imaginative mental, blood flyin'

the most hardest niggas cock they iron

foul, live like a Lion

listen to the streets and your gun go off

sorta like a show off

jungle way of livin', hittin' dro off

lifestyle changes niggas see that

they gettin' anxious just to throw one in your ski hat

watch your language, yeah, you fresher than a Million bucks

you got a new hustle, you hardly knew niggas would envy lust

they gettin' hungrier and niggas bust

they lit a bigger dutch

fixin' them Calicos to dig your guts

detectives roam

niggas come home and got a bigger dome

ready to zone on what a nigga own

caught in the mischief

how can you live when it's a sickness

that sorrounds that projects and the trenches

walkin' through the bushes at night

you gotta be sharp like a butcher knife

subtly show up when the jooks is right

and everything will have a major like

whether it's black or white

nobody knows until they snatch your life

wake up son, the season's just a thing the mind make up

it's only real kid, ha, wake up!

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]

The meat market pardon me, the heat market

chill, we got it on lock, the nigga got to sweet talkin'

I gotta eat and got the beast targeted

relax, my Brothers on 'role, niggas got police barkin'

they want us killed, sieze the sargent

blowin' each cartridge

we ill, realer in each market

feel the leather jacket, sleek ostrich

unleash the arsonist, just popped the wig off of each hostage

make it real and make his niece watch it

yokin' Grandmothers up, we kill until his peeps squash it

verse is somethin' mean regardless

a green jar of harvest

just smoke, niggas got the green Garcia's

a terrifying team of heartless

move on the Narcs's

we only on it for extreme profits

and anyway we dream darkness

I saw it through the Jean Paul Gotier mint green gleam optics

So wake up Son, the season's just a thing the mind make up

it's only real kid, ha, wake up.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]

A message from Elijah's kids

my eyes opened, got wise on the biz

start risin' my wig

seen everything I saw before

had dreams behind a wall

all I wanted was to balance my all

make it through feedin' my kind

readin' the lines

on how the dollar bill is shaped and designed

taught from the Eighties

talk, build, and protect all Babies

strong shelters with strong Ladies

a nigga died, died amongst Daisies

he did it for the Babies

thats peace, feed 'em if they gettin' lazy.

[Chorus x2]

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