Raekwon - The Table

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Moet got me actin like a fuckin goat in here

Yo god, remember back in the days god?

When we came a long way and shit, man?

(No question)

Supposed to be blessin each other on our physical days and shit

Yaknowimsayin, it's like basically

I wanna hit my family wit like land and all that

Diamonds and all that, we ran through that chamber dunn

Mainly stack mine, indeed it's been a long time

Let me feed y'all, fruits of life, shut up and eat y'all

Flavors for neighbors, Wallee's down to gators

The whole configuration stackin paper

Yo we do this, on the low though

If so, we runnin John dolo

First thing, you need if you don't know

We carry cuz it's a real world, show and prove

In ill words, all my herbs know the slurge

Dress nasty like fuck, keep my bird on the job yo

You got to straighten up, do the worst thing to hurt her heart, damn

Took care of that, shared, even shed a tear for that

Bust my gat to throw gear on her back

Damn son, why she takin you through that?

She's a part of me, pardon me flow Allah, we sworn we

Wisin up, take care of home bases

Then we slide to another part and start more hatred

Life is sacred

The other side of that paw, you lie naked

Clothes in the box, go 'head take it

Flash back Jew status, salute moms and get ya boots splattered

Batting average, ya moms had it

Just a broke young dumb, full of cum

Ready to haunt something, takes something of yours

Here you want something

Growing up around fifteen

Watchin how the big niggas rollin wit big cream, big schemes

Quick to flash ya gat, laser beam

Pool table action black, hundred stacks made my niggas leave

Some be sayin "Let em breathe"

The others wanna deceive, how we gonna make it if we don't achieve?

Right now, catch it from a vertical degree yo

We startin showin our asses, committing burgularies

One got caught, threw us all off

Threw us in the hell section near the boardwalk

Wonderin how the sword talk

Did he fall off? Did he stand like the hawk that he was in New York?

Kept the waves spinnin on the cross, of course

Come back a little cutty endorse

Risked it for his kids the pain is lost

We sittin back on a better note

Yellin "Peace god, I love you love you to death, you thoroughbredable"

The Robbin Hood of the hood

Sit back, it's all good, won't spoil it if we call it, we all hood

Ha ha

[Masta Killa]

I make knowledge born to save self, you know?

Who gon' live it, gon' live it

Be is to be a born, knawmean?

Soaked in degrees of knowledge, polished by sun rays

Carving by nine swordsmen to a needle point of perfection

It's a blessing to deliver this lesson

While travellin the planet, extending development

And vote for the mind, never ended

We now send it long winded, descended

Infital, Bobby Digital, Abbot of the Shaolin now

Wit knowledge and wisdom

The original sword style begin, birth of the Wu-Tang Clan

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