Raekwon - Snake Pond

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[Kung-fu sample:]

Very good!

Who are you?

We are from the Wu-Tang

Shaolin's the foundation

From which all kung-fu springs

Buddha's name be praised


I met him by Snake Pond, my hand on the flamer, my bomb

I park, Rae, Ghost, then lit up the bong

It's nightfall, nothing here, nothing to fear

Just got things to touch on, then he walked up weird

Walked in frail as stale, his eyes were soft

His face was pale, I looked at him kneel

Just wanna talk, you a deer, starting chasing him

He jumped in the tree, had grass in his ear

I'm a kill you nigga, you gonna have to come down

Little did he know I was a leader, a full bred eater

Jump in new V's, shopping, had the fever

Next stop Starbucks and Spiegels, Jags had diesel

Then she walked in, fly little diva

Niggas on the scheme for you gleam, they come from your school

A bunch of snake bites, they bitch smacked Shareen

She slid in the '09 Beemer, with that sex whore Sabrina

Fortune checks, live in Medina

Thanks for the info, my kinfolk, listen, Ms. Window

With the big pimple on her temple

Any more knowledge is college, you gave enough to be bounced now

She shot up in Chipotle, don't quote me

917, 646, you know it's war, bitch,

Can't dress for nothing, she fronting

Took a piss, roll up, let's twist, pulled down my pants

Good look, and shot through her tits

Now I gotta picture who I'm looking for, fake ass Brooklyn boy

I know his fucking family, fuck 'em all

I used to love brothers, now I hate 'em

Mostly them gator boys, who stunting and they never seen Nathan

Me and my real soldiers who started it, won't play part of it

But I'm a get to the bottom, I got 'em

Newspapers saying they shot 'em, but on the low

I heard he shot himself

A trip, yo, the poison me, I come from the poison peas

Where mothers run old nightclubs with tons of ki

Old lady holding them G's, dope fiends, holes in they jeans

Magicians that can make blow green

I know his whole team, no craze, dough so low

I hit 'em off mean, now he wanna hold me, no bro, B

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