Raekwon - Revory (Wraith) lyrics

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Ft. Ghostface Killah and Rick Ross

(Intro: Tell Me Where Shall I Go - Old Yiddish song)

No more wandering for me

For at last I am free


Ayo, c'mon, bubba goose smokin' bubble koosh

The Uzi's is navy blue, a couple Coupes

Stayin' around, sagger suckers say the troops

Mansions before these niggas, we done, we deucing

Crackin' fish and the rit's gone

Take a pisk, 69 floors up sparkling crisp

Money bags stacked and Duvay sheets

Few strange spreeks follow the race

Walk through the gates, nigga

Pyrex Cobanno connection

New York mexicans, they call us the team

For smuggling wet sheep

The Al Pacino's of rap, yuh

They claim they wit me

Pass the b-gat, gold Louie phone, hand it to me!

Raised a million champs, this is our civilian slant

Furless sweats, stay in jets, chill a billion chemps

Pussy niggas get strangled fast

Still I cool on the feds, rockin' the grilla glass

Desert booed on coutin' a million cash

This is all I ask for, love is fan, war

Let's build the masses

Sittin' boat sailors scenic routes

Catch the quotes, young, armed and dangerous

Borrow couple posters

I'm like known in a couple courses

Ray and Ghost familiar with us

Raised in coasters

(Verse 2: Rick Ross)

I'm hearin' how these niggas plottin'

Madam sleepin' on Egyptian cotton

Miles Davis, these vinyl's still spinning

I been a freak neek, I been livin'

You see the Bentley and we smokin' in the parkin' lot

Contract killas, so we really talk a lot

Giuseppes in my weapon when you see me steppin'

Tenth grade education with a Mac-11

The definition of a Renaissance

Twice a day I change, watch these chains and the chombs

Tatted on my back, chest and my palms

Dennis, me and Diddy dice games at the Palms

Blew a mill in cash just to let the bitches watch me

Take it down to lobby, get to picture watchin'

Tinted windows, smokin' with a screw face

Black hoodies on bullies, niggas, Wu Tang

Barry White glaring in the white Benz

Grindin' like I had a curly perm back then

It's Rozay and the 40 up

Pink Belair in a nigga cup


(Verse 3: Ghostface Killa)

Ayo, jumpin' out the shower, Jerrells on

Heated up, fluffy polo towels and Melbourne

Gettin' it, hands as Ashley casket come in dice

Hand like low po', young god ballin' with thunder

Platin bricks up at the Nick game

With Cubans from Biscayne

Burnin' the cash, stroke cigar with a big flame

Godfather coaching hard bottoms

Every down the cribs, the hoes and gear, we got 'em

It's the Lean Team, Metal Ying Team, shot niggas like fresh fruit

Like old grand earth cuddle green beans

We'll cut you and you and you, nigga

This me, Ray and Rick, boxcutters on cruise, niggas


No more wandering for me

For at last I am free

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