Raekwon - Range Rover

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(feat. RZA) [Intro: Raekwon] I don't want it, I don't want it Never getting off my grind, cause I Love you.. [Raekwon:] They call him Mr. Staten Island, gats, New Balance is coming through Hood hikers smoking them woods, alotta pull lightning Neck, finger icey, peel out of rent, niggaz do them good heistes Halibit fishes, with different colored rices All my niggaz, behind pots, sturring, blocks we serving Two for five, slide in the building, heard me? White fishscale, take a whiff, shit's real Don't ever approach with no whitey's and big bills The fuck doctor, I only truck jewelry on gold locking Most of my money is grounded and gwop it For every gate caking, we gon' collect the model Respect it, or get your hand chopped off, drowned in Moet The places I've been, seen alotta faces on the move Pacing Yankee hats low, what up Allah, stay gracious Applying refinement, stretched lands, grams in the SoHo Grand Where I blaze pussies and purple hazes Sippin' saki, BET'in it, dick Rocky, Bruce Wayne frame Froms the creator of Versace, yo Everybody lit, money to split, on birthday's We call 'em earth days, buy that nigga a whip So when the D's pull up, we fully equipped Checkbook credit card, license fifth, my wife just flipped Puerto Ric' ass, with skinny TV's, cheese in the ceiling fan Mister Money from all the flips

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