Raekwon - Rakim Tribute

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(feat. Ultra) [Intro: Raekwon] Yeah, what, what, yeah Shout out the 18th letter, you know? Word up... we gon' do it like this And pay homage to the most livest Yeah.. yo... [Raekwon:] I ain't no joke, I used to let the mic smoke Now I slam it when I'm done, give me my ten G coat To perform another song, cuz I won't let Nobody press up and mess up, the scene I wet I like to stand in the crowd, and watch niggas wonder Damn, then think about, then you wonder Clan, they just rag shit, rip shit, bruise shit Maybe that's the rap shit, I gotta prove shit Even if it's jazz or the quiet storm Now flip the beat up, convert it to a hip hop joint Write a rhyme and graffiti in, every show you see me in Deep concentration, swift like the beamer, kid Go with the crowd, while my lyrics spit flames I flow-tate the vowel, cuz it's all in my veins Another remedy, fly niggas is enemy Cuz I'm live as some rap niggas with energy Now do it, cuz I'mma put the nine on pause My sharks beaming, catch you on the side of the store Call your bluff, make you stare in my face, ya team suck Remember me? The one you got your ideas from How soon you start to suffer, until you get stuck up When you start to fuck up, that's when you get bucked up Bitin me, you think you dope, I smash your boat, with bad coke You should of wrote, because I ain't no joke [Chorus x2: Ultra] It's been a long time, I shouldn't have let you Without a re-up to connect to Think of all the weak product you slept through Time's up, I'm sorry I kept you [Raekwon:] I was a fiend, before I was seventeen I melt the microphone like blowing some evergreen It's all in the making, from where hip hop was originated Peace to the streets, the bubblers, mark & dated Cuz I grab the mic, now I say "yes ya'll" Ya'll yell 'scrape it', then I'mma say 'let's ball' Come on, cool, cuz I'mma get on rep Twist a 'dro on the speaker, pull the snub and then flex Back to them crabs, ya'll niggas had ya'll laughs And then I spaz on the rhymes I splashed From back to your brother gun, then I grab the double pump Then this the opposite, and ask if another come Cuz I'mma get busy, get dough with my team, yup I don't need a cigarette, know what I mean? I'm raging, rip up the stage and don't it amazing Cuz every line is laid in Caught up, thoughts are sort a, an addiction Bags of pies, smell of bricks, kid Vocals vocabulary, the stage is a suction The mic is a draino, volcanos erupting Lines overblowing, gradually glowing Every thing is written in the cold, slick & coin' Slide.. my thoughts'll glide Forty-eight MAC's and knives The invincible, microphone fiend, Raekwon Spread the word, cuz it's on B-E-R-E-A-L, a smooth operator with notorious crack sales

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