Raekwon - Piss In The Shark Tank

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I’m like a team wolf when it comes to fight these ..

We say grab your voucher just spray on my dick

Act about the two … it’s all on my ..

Hard times has got the dams in the hood

We got to hit .. than ice

Cold niggers .. with knifes and cut down thousands of birds

And roll them in rice..

2017 with the sweet cheese bats

Doing hollow cats

The … were big bottle of lenses

I only run ....

What now? Cut nothing down

It’s all .. watch this nigger black sweating

You all better run, you’re ready?

.take it off, that’s me the killer

You know the drill, keep quite

Stand still .. slight me a bill

I’m a doer for my niggers lost and …

Now they got .. just making home on my rail

You know my slang going …

Time is like love potion .. for niggers who crime

I study the best dusty the poo

It ain’t anything between the line …

Bought a magnetic …

From here to VI

VI to PI

Some shut niggers out for line

This belongs in the veterans book

Right and wrongs

Let it live catch grey hair

Just step into .. stones

I’m implying that these young boys

Keep: I am black

Some can’t hustle cause they stay white in the ..

Up the wrong whole, should they get taped?

Off the .. road just like BMW

Rangers and Land Rovers

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