Raekwon - Penitentiary

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Come here, pussy, prosthetic hard ass nigga

Yo, where them Levi's that I left on ya bunk, nigga?

Don't stand on the side of this bunk no more, man, for real

You see them Rae and Ghost flicks over there, nigga?

Don't touch them shits, nigga

Word up, I'm a break both chains on ya ass, nigga

(Aiyo, Bundy, make sure you crack cell number five, fifteen minutes early)

{Bundy: Yeah, yo, I got you, you want some of these donuts? }

(Nah, I'm good, just make sure you handle my man right, one.)

We up at three mart, blowing, little dust to lift the branch up

The watch she had was Bulgari, golden, Spanish kid let him hold it

He said he hit him with three cartons of menthol, the kid let him roll with it

(The face had snow in it, the bass in his voice

Now he's acting like he ain't rich and po' in it)

Crock pots are steaming, Jasmine rice and Jack Mack

With cornflake batter, it's cold in here

10:45 we lock in, pull out the headphones, jump in the bunk

(The tunes is knocking) Knowing all my goons is clocking

Two C.O.'s is on the cat walk (Yo, Spoons, what's popping?)

Yo, it ain't nothing, baby, you cool?

Yeah, I'm getting that rest, you know that G.E.D. shit with the school?

(True, guess that's what it do

But on the low I got two big gem stars I'm sliding to you

Matter of fact they gon' hide in ya food

All you do is push the grits out the way, then you get up and move

Go to sleep, nigga, go 'head and rest, I'm a finish my count

I'm a set you out, later my dude, one)

Mop wringer magic, mess hall murder's the best

Come through the yard, getting fed lead burgers

Testing anything with bling

Fresh sneakers, we the best teachers

True, watch me move in the cling

Six A.M., the cells unlock

Horn the child, I'm half sleep, yo, hearing the pots

I see the same ice grills, bum niggaz talking to me

With coal in they eye, I can't finish my meal

(Under the grits, two pieces of steel)

Then Spoon had left, we got guns though, we trying to chill

Big Will walked in, him and Seville

(With blood in they eyes, early bird like they ready to kill)

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