Raekwon - Ooh, La,La,La

rate me

Party with bitches

It’s 60 $ my shot against the hoopers

Wait backseated in front

My homie we are all in peace

Just here coolin’ everyday

Hit the move classics, when they nigga don’t know what they’re doing

Pop a toast to a drink

We’re sippin’ lances in the mansions

Black weed and the black ...

This is my team’s reaction

Keep shining and stay behind the ball

Me, I’m digital, you all

Fuck that , beat the visuals

Everytime you come around

I feel my world turning around

And I just can’t fight this feeling

Baby don’t you miss the love that’s optimistic

Cause I’m falling away again

Am I weak?

Well sometimes I just can’t hold this feeling

That I have to pitch myself to be sober

That this love is more than i can endure

Sweety you got me singing

Oh la,la,la

It’s the way that you feel when you know is real

Oh, la,la,la

It’s the way that you are when you’re satisfied

Oh, la,la,la

It’s a dream that will last forever


Let’s stay together

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