Raekwon - Live To Die lyrics

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Set fire and shit, nigga

Bring the grams in here, nigga, stop playin'

Sit back - buck let - gangsta - automobiler

Nah man, stop that ... all that re-5, man


Ayo, gas station Sammy, rich nigga, live in Miami

They kilt 'im and lived with his family

He was drunk, spazzin' on a young nigga with cash

They did the best to impart, wooped his ass

Bloody that his ear was ripped

They know he loved his music

They broke him twice, his gear war ripped

Ninja style niggas, whipped him with a benz belt

Broke his arm, crushed his automa with whelps

On his face, they was slappin' 'im, fake ass rapper

Old ass gun, pussy gets enacting

Medicine faced nigga, they opened his mouth

A few gold fell out, wheel 'im out

He's thinkin' he a gangsta, quit playin'

Listenin' to Sidnem, because he sat up in bed

They been wit 'em, fish cakes, bubble gums and the Timbs

He had the .12 and an iPhone, only wards him

Niggas is lame and I'm singing all that heart

No damn frame, how you playn

Thought you bubbled with the big wheelies

Flyin' in fast cars and get busy

Now you sittin' there lookin' busy

Don't look at chef, nigga, look at yo rep

Yo dinosaur game you playin', you're playn death

Tax man comin', you can feel it

Insides holdin' ratchets in botch arms

They gave it to impale him

(Hook x2)

Kill niggas, led or die, live with the feelins'

We don't know no other way, just get millions

Pyrex gangs and the Cartel connect to Scarsdale

Put yo money up the Washwales

(verse 2)

Ayo, Indian fenny from Toronto

Him and his horse, Ganye and Reynolds

Two wild Sopranos running through ice

And niggas fall back, they bumped in the crunch

Outta eggland since selective niggas called black

Use to wash with niggas up, but Chump changed, something was strange

Feds was listening, ran outta the gun range

Son, I feel vibes, not knowing this was the time to get away

But they rolled on the live

Black freaks outta the bushes, came with these

Big three pound, four of them with beams

When they rushed em, they cuffed em, we customs

Yo, what the fuck! You doin' life, lil nigga

Who is sucker what?

Blackless mad, he went for the cop's mag

They started sussling, the shot rang, that's bag

Black fella his knees like 33 d's led off 100 shots went nag

(Hook x2)

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