Raekwon - Chop Chop Ninja

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(ft. Inspectah Deck & Estelle)


Why did you.. to be a ninja?

…that that movement is inside you!

Why did you.. to be a ninja?

…that that movement is inside you!

This is Shaolin! Shaolin, Shaolin,

This is Shaolin Shaolin, Shaolin!

Get away from me, shit!

Yeah, oh shit! ..and Shaoin, nigger

Take this shit out, man!

..do a kick at me!

I back slapped , I pulled out the…

He kicked it out of my hand,

I …where you niggers get it on,

And I’m, thinking of ..

I was gossip, with all my bangles on,

..he was there, my ladies check the …

..jumping over my cardio,

Trying to get some of my…

Got the dough, open gas

….and my sneakers got red on it!

You know that’s blood!

..with a long blade on it and the nigger was…

I’m talking… and try to stick my little.. in some trouble.

I got to the .. I blew to shots, he disappeared!


Stay there like it ain’t nothing to face fear,

That was by the grave of the nigger who…

You told me to wait right her, son I’ve been there,

Put your pockets…

Broad day even with..

Serious, last time you saw me I was rocking the same stair.

..forgive for my sin, father, this is what they made me do!..


The year, the bullshit .. on a three dollar bill,

You don’t scare me, white and blood hear me,

You laughing …when the son went down!

This is… You’re probably under a chair

Black hood …respect my…

The nigger got caught up….

Skip.. the Westside, see yourself by my …

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Friday 4th of March 2011 20:54
What are true keys to being a ninja Dress in all black, perfect vision, and that movement is in silence