Raekwon - 4 In The Morning lyrics

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Did he have hands?

Did he have a fridge?

Yes, did it all for us


Burn all gets, gazelle zone, four five in the bad mess but aware dog

Sex really jewelers, all really rich nigga people in tea

Sniff that eight for fine Lili

Lili is a cold game willi

How got man conex this small town and feel it

I can put bass and I can put on both side

South side part of the vertical, yeah the Jakes will murder you

For the five hundred bricks dicks come in

With no tile on ‘em

That’s similes the rely on

All crime won’t hit, my wings bling fire on it

Find the way, hit the church titers in the D

Brand new shelves on the pipe on this could twist from the ashes

Swing for the miss and get nothin’

Rap the other problem, suicide rider

Beat booms and walleye, me is your lost calling

4 in the morning x 6

Blow hands, the stove it’s the roster with bottles wipping motion

Make cause, drop in the motion

Irish blood gangsters, the Rolex it’s cold and move in tangs

And gram the mother, she mixin’

Tablas cribs, bass all, last go get it,

Drugs fly in me, it’s like the fast ball

Smash hoer, I will remain clean, this guys gone

I do it for niggas how last long,

Last dance, chill kings and the hot cigars in the ears

This the last problem, with snakes stop and brakin’ in this

Which way the grass grown, we sold enough and now we formers

We come throw a long motive and armer

4 in the morning x 6

Yeah I use to move cracks

Sold these all gaps

Runnin’ trains on the _____(?)

Bad bitches up in the truck

We use to blow ‘em out, fines comin’ in high

What they see is bite

With rest and do stuck all what they pipe and form

In morning when the cage start jumping

God said dumpin’ in the fine

Start jumping in the fence

Let the fence get on the green so they jumping,

They ain’t choke faming, ain’t jami

So we got ‘em, the fence stop

Soufflé one hell of the shit bomb

Now we talking at the side of this mouth

But they will all stop

Fly does it four finger luggage

We plastic stuck and the king go buggage stuff

Burners on the gloves so skinny

Smart mouth may take more bitches in the back, gettin’ sandwich

After the dick suck I’m countin’, ain’t no in hour

Back in our time, 4 in the morning

4 in the morning x 6

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