Raekwon - 1,2 1,2 lyrics

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Feat. Snoop Dogg

Meet Shorty , new block , 40 and some Bentley

Take care of me ,sincerely

Snuggled up ,me gonna call it a cover

Just like 2 murders in the hood

I’mma double up

Everything I sell is well

Rockin’ on jeans

Known for throwing blings on them

I still can by any means scream on them

Do you remember?

A real gang member

December to December

I’m griming what’s all around me and they find me

He’s with a hole in the chest

Take it where we split

I’m running over the Cadillac

With some grass kickin’ on my lap

Imagine that

I’m movin’ down on Sunset Boulevard

I’m blessed with these million dollar hands

Nigga screw that motherfucker

2 shots and let’s flip

You are getting closer

Makin’ my moves

The motherfuckers got a place for you

Draw that line

Flip that dime

Spit that 9

I thought you knew

Look this is my nephew, the king of the West too

Let your next move to be the best move

God bless you


What you gonna do when we come through?


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