Rae Morris

Rae Morris - Unguarded

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Calling future love, do you exist?

I've been silencin' fears through all of this

Countin' miles from safe behind the glass

Calculatin' how long this will last


I've been wrong to be guarded some time

Such a delicate prize I'm not about to share

Put the pain of the present aside

I have a future in mind for us

Where will we be unguarded together

Unguarded in love!

Color me any color that you want

Can I see enough?

(Verse 2)

Callin' future love, don't take too long!

Part of me is struggled by the time that's gone

Guide me closer when I flourish of passion height

Tell me when I'm not quite doin' it right



I keep it all in

Everythin' guard in

I keep it all in

Everythin' guard in


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