Rachel Loshak

Rachel Loshak - Fallen

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If your watching can you

see me fall down on my knees.

Can you hear the earth breaking

with how heavy it is.

Crushing flowers that were

standing tall out in a field.

I have covered all the daisies

there are no more to eat.

Oh how old i've grown

can't even stand on my own.

If you'd shown me you had

loved me I'd be on my feet.

Wouldn't stumble, wouldn't mumble

or be scared of defeat.

I would look out every morning

and feel the suns heat.

If the rain came, I'd be ready

to run through the streets.

OH... I'd dance along

I'd go like there was nothing wrong

I'd go like there was nothing wrong.

If your in there can you wake up

and be who you are.

Come and save me come and lift me

for I've fallen to far.

I can go, I can go, if you let me, I'll go

I can go I can go if you let me I'll go.

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