Rachel Kays

Rachel Kays - Girls Like You

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I don't go out there lookin' for trouble

But it finds me anyway

Even when I'm doin' good

You'll find somethin' to say

Girls like you

Got nothin' better to do

Than to watch every move I make

So step on up and take a front row seat

And listen to what I say


I know your type

I know what you do

Tryin' to get inside my mind

I know girls like you

Act all sweet and kind

Girl, I see straight through

Your sick, twisted lies

Honey, I know girls like you

I'm only human and I make mistakes

I'll be the first one to admit

I'm not perfect by any means

But can you name someone that is?

What gives you the right

To put me in the spotlight?

Do you know who you're messin' with?

Now it's easy to see

You're just jealous of me

'Cause you can't drop a beat like this


They never, ever change

Talk behind your back

And smile right to your face

Girls like you

Girls like, girls like you, whoa

Oh...drop it


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