Rachel Getting Married movie

Rachel Getting Married movie - America

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Where do you live?Where do you eat?<br>

Do you still live on Semaphore Street?<br>

The children we were have grown into us<br>

You in a car and me in a bus<br>


How do you know you'll recognize me?<br>

I'm not too clear, but I'm easy to see<br>

Moving alone through the fossilized crowd<br>

People in motion who feel so loud, yeah<br>


I gave America your name and she taped it on the sea<br>

I gave America your kiss and she blew it over me<br>

What ya see<br>


How do you know when you've gone too far?<br>

Look in the mirror, that's where you are<br>

People go by on their legs and their hands<br>

Bury their heads in the evening sands<br>


I gave America my blood and she drank it gratefully<br>

I told America her weight and she said you'd wait for me<br>

All of me<br>


Someone like you impresses my head<br>

Maybe it's true I'm not totally dead<br>

This is goodbye, yeah, I've said it before<br>

This time you're not gonna see me no more, well<br>


I gave America her head and she fired it at me<br>

I gave America her mouth and she turned it on to me<br>

I gave America her heart and it's beating over me<br>

I gave America her gold and she melted over me<br>


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