Rachel Brooke

Rachel Brooke - Late Night Lover

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Now come to me baby when the sun goes down

Knock at my door three times when no one is around

My babe is alone and is so lonely

but in the evenings is when I .. you only

The wind goes open now, so come around here

I've been awake since a quarter to ten.

The way you move now is making me shy

Cause no one loves me like my late night lover!

I heard you creeping, my darling last week

I try to... in your sleep

Go in with ... of this sweet in the air

The scent of something that I want to share

Cause you're my late night lover!

One by one the starts come out in the sky

That's when I lock my doors and turn out the light.

Now each and every night I let my hair down

Just the way you like it in case you'll come around.

Now the moon shines bright and the wind goes ablaze

But I keep waiting 'till i see your face!

Come on, baby, we are lost...

Cause no one loves me better than my late night lover!

My clock is ticking fast it's almost half past three

That time in night when everything is a dream

But ..something whisper my name

No come closer and I'll whisper the same

Cause I'm your late night lover

And you're my late night lover

Call me my late night lover!

I'll be your late night lover!

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