R KELLY - V. I. P lyrics

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Come on, come on, come on, come on

Chillin at the club, showing niggas how we ball

Ever since the drougt, it's been nothing but the fall


Can you really blame me for getting these G's

Something I don't understand is why you fools are after me VIP

Got the hater's after me because i push this G's

They wanna be like me, if you agree, then raise the roof with me

In the party place to be living VIP

Since when did money become such a problem

I just wanna live a life that only involves the numbers


Stretch Bentleys where the top just drops that's rightKellys CDs with the sound that knocks di di di di di di di di

When the party rocks fingers to the wrist filled with nothing but rocks

I know you haters wanna come to Rockland's pary

But you can't get it unless you VIP

Can you really blame me for getting these G's

See what I can't understand is why you folls after me VIP

So if you ballin and you know it clap your hands

If you sexy and you know it stomp your feet

If your man ain't spendig money on you

Then ladies you can come and get with me

I wish I could vall the baller haters

I mean I wish I could male a phone call to all

The haters around the world this is what I would say

Seems like all the niggas got beef' cause they ain't got steak

When I ain't have no money everything was cool

Now that I got a little y'all wanna act a fool

Chorus (2x)

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