R KELLY - Get up on a room

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<b>Get up on a room</b> by <i>R Kelly</i><br />Baby, we both just sittin' here

We need to get somewhere private

Just you and me, listen

It's the middle of the night

And we're both just sittin' here

I'm checking out your body

The hot shorts and tanks you wear

Make me wanna do something freaky to you my baby

Gotta let me know something

Cuz I need to know right here

We need to get somewhere (Yeah)

We can be alone (Alone)

Somebody's at my crib (That's right)

And you got folks at home

So can we, get up on a

(1) - Can we get up on a room

(Get up on a room)

Baby just me and you

(Baby me and you)

I'll go there on you

(I'll go there on you)

If we get up on this room

(On a room)

Bubble bath, you and me chillin' in a tub babe

I'm gonna wash your body babe

And you're gonna wash my body babe

(Gonna wash my body)

All I wanna do is drive you crazy

(Yeah, baby, drive you crazy)

Can we

(Repeat 1)

Baby, ooh

Break it down, break it down

Break it down, break it down

Break it down

Break it down, break it down

Break it down, break it down

Break it down

Throw your underwear on the wall

Whose the greatest lover of them all?

Who makes your love come down like waterfalls?

I thought you knew, come on baby, let's do this

(Repeat 1)

You and me chillin' on the 55th floor

Right before we bump we put the sign outside the door

The more we going up and down the more we wanting more

It's getting hot in this car so what the hell we waiting for

Can we, can we get up on

Can we get up on a room

(Repeat 1)

You don't have to go far to get a piece of me

You wait in the car while I go get the keys

Double lock the door for complete privacy

No room service baby cuz you will be the feast, can we

We'll cuddle up with each other babe, yes we will

And I'll go there on this chair


(Repeat 1 until fade)

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