QWEL - Hall Of Mirrors

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Oh God, what the?

Oh fuck, how many drinks did I..

Oh my God, where's my wallet?

Oh God, I think I'm gonna fucking...

Oh God

Now how am I gonna get from this bar stool, to across the room without puking?

Either barf-drool on this broad's shoes

Talking stupid, drippin', fall into a liquid ball of spew age

I know I'll do this again eventually

Which tempted me and tempted me to get fucked up

I don't know, but it ain't the centipede rich drinkin' spending spree

Shared with three kids at the crib skip the rent at least a week

Speaking in tongues to all both of you

In hopes to get a drink I think I'll crawl over

to a sober sympathetic ear to spit this lim-pathetic jeer

Oh my God, 'cause I don't hear so well

Is it a trouble seeing double even when your eyes are shut

You can time travel through black outs and wake up inside some ??? club

Six pence of beer, my dear friends are near

You all look like demons from here

in this mer hall of mirrors, cheers (cheers) (cheers)

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