Quorthon - Coming Down In Pieces

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I was way off track from start

I judged everything by my damned heart

I walked unprotected 'gainst the blows

How was I suppose to really know

When you think you know what's the right thing to do

And you find you just don't have a clue

And when things turn out to be not what they seemed

You are caught walking barefoot on glass

With your head firmly stuck up your ass

I was coming down in pieces you bet I was coming down

What goes up believe me surely must hit hard the ground

I was coming down in pieces yet I was sound enough to say

I'm the only one to blame, yeah, so get out of my damn f*ckin' way

I scratched my walls 'till my fingers bled

I tried to get it all out of my f*ckin' head

I was really deep down for quite some time

It took quite a while to leave it all behind

When it hits ya' and you don't think that you'll make it through

And the times when a hell will stick to ya' like glue

And it seems very effort is destined to fail

You'll be surprised how you sh*t you can take

Before you give it in and you start to break

I was coming down in pieces...

When you think you know...

Now I know should I go there again

To hit the bottom don't need to mean the end

I was coming down in pieces...

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