Quorthon - An Inch Above The Ground

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We just never seem to keep a single promise that we make

We just never seem to mean a single word of what we say

I just can not believe in the very well accepted need to

Piss about your territory and then set off looking for that

Somewhere someplace we've never seen

Where the grass is always much more green

I've found that place you're looking for

I need no keys there are no doors

No signs will help you find the way

No use to call me I should say

I swear I hear not a single sound

I float an inch above the ground

We just never seem to stay for long enough to learn a thing

We run head long between the raindrops

And like the rats we jump the ship that sinks

Why does it always had to be someone something else in the way

Why do somebody always seem to be always on their way

Somewhere someplace...

I turn away from what I see I've found so much more inside me

I know what I don't want to be and that's the way it's gonna be

I swear...

I close my eyes I see not a thing

I just let the wind and sun slip in

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